We are very proud of our alumni and are honored to share their accomplishments.

Alumni Highlights

Selected Alumni

Vasanth Iyer 2013 Assistant Professor at Troy University, Alabama
Eduardo Guerra 2016 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Darie Dorlus 2016 Founder,
Emmanuel Vinas 2016 Application Developer 2 at Edgy Soul Entertainment
Rodolfo Viant 2016 Software Engineer at Bullet Line
Leonardo Martin 2016 Intern - TechStar at Ultimate Software
Alejandro Henao 2016 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Daniel Alvarez 2016 Software Engineer at Emphasys Software
Daniel Carrillo 2011 Diageo Academy Analyst at Diageo
Edward Amoros 2011 IT Systems Administrator at Florida Power & Light
Jairo Pava 2011 Software Test Engineer at Ultimate Software
Janet Machado 2011 IT Analyst at Armor Correctional Health Services
Jesus Lugo 2011 Corporate Operations Engineer at Google
Jose Hernandez 2011 Developer at Sentry Data Systems
Jose Seara 2011 Senior Information Security Risk Analyst at Spirit Airlines
Mackenson Mathurin 2011 SaaS Application Services Engineer at Ultimate Software
Stephen Bromfield 2011 Assistant Director of Media Systems at Florida International University
Vamsi Punna 2011 Senior Software Engineer at Allscripts
Yamil Fajardo 2011 Assistant Director, Global Information Security at EY
Yanmei Wu 2011 Junior Software Engineer at HasOffers
Michael Alonso 2008 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Rolando Ramos 2008 Lead Developer / Software Developer at RelayHealth
Ruben Duque 2008 Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Andres Gonzalez Jr. 2009 Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead at SAP
Carlos Perez 2009 Software Developer & System Analyst at Intradata Solutions
George Sante 2009 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Hector Gonzalez 2009 Entrepreneur, Engineer
Levi Sutton 2009 Senior Software Development Engineer at Time Inc.
Ravi Nath 2009 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Yohann Taieb 2009 Senior iOS Developer at CBS Interactive
Alejandro Bascuas 2010 Principal Product Architect at Akamai Technologies
Alexander Kintis 2010 Associate , Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase
Dionny Santiago 2010 Test Architect at Ultimate Software
Enzo Alvarez 2010 Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Analyst at Citi
Fanny Ramirez 2010 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Ivan Olmos 2009 Lead Interface Developer at Insight Sofware, LLC
Juan Duarte 2010 Senior Software Engineer at Insureon
Liz Cardenas 2010 Avionics Systems Engineer at GE Aviation
Evy Torres 2006 Advisory Software Engineer, WW Industry Solution Products at IBM
Ingrid Serrano 2006 CIO at Quirch Foods, Co.
Roger Lopez 2006 Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat
Eddy Lara 2007 Software Engineer
Joe Marrero 2007 Senior Software Engineer at Citrix
Jorge Garcia Hernandez 2007 Software Developer at Lumos Consulting Group
Luis Atencio 2007 Staff Software Engineer at Citrix Systems
Marcelo Lopez 2007 Agile Coach/Trainer at 3Back LLC
Michael Calleiro 2007 Senior Software Engineer at American Express
Rexwell Minnis 2007 Manager, Web Operations at Citrix Systems
Alain Esteva Ramirez 2008 Java Developer at TracFone Wireless
Jairo Quintana 2008 Senior Software Engineer at Interval International
Jesus Bello 2008 Full-stack Engineer at SmartProcure
Khaled Janania 2008 Senior DevOps Engineer at NCR Corporation
Marylurdys Hernandez 2008 Software Engineer at Technia AB
Nina Parton 2003 Systems Analyst II at MEDNAX
Silviu Necula 2003 Director of Information Technology at M33 Integrated Solutions
William Spieler 2003 Patent Examiner at USPTO
Alexander Jelinek 2004 Senior Product Manager, Platform Automation and Customer Enablement Group at Cisco
Gustavo Flores 2004 Senior Support Engineer at Amadeus North America
Mauricio Suarez 2004 Senior Software Engineer/Consultant at Bupa Global Latin America
Melissa Betancourt 2004 Software Engineer at IBM
Michael Olivero 2004 Senior Programmer Analyst at Amadeus IT Group
Sandra Martinez 2004 Engineering Manager at The Boeing Company
John Martinez 2005 Power Processor DFT Engineer at IBM
Robert Redway 2005 Manager Technology at Sapient
Tule Cabrera 2005 Senior Attorney, State of Florida
Eddie Incer 2006 Senior J2EE Web Developer Consultant at Royal Caribbean International
Ernesto Jordan 2006 Systems Analyst and Programmer 2 at Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD)
William Feild, Jr. 1985 Visiting Instructor at Florida International University
Paul Porta 1988 Senior Software Engineer at D+H
David Flor 1991 President/Game Designer at Darklight Interactive
Virgil Mocanu 1994 Staff Software Engineer at Citrix Systems
Cary Bakker 1995 Head of Mobile Development at Moocho
Jeff Li 1995 Senior Software Architect at IBM
Louis Florit 1995 Apple Pay SRE Manager at Apple Inc.
Gautam Mansinghka 1998 Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft
Euton Lyons 2000 Project Lead (I&T) at General Dynamics
Jason Dettbarn 2000 Founder & CEO at Addigy Technology
Mike Capote 2002 Management Consulting: Cyber-security, Data Privacy, and IT Assurance Services Firm
Andres Altamirano 2003 Java Applications Developer at UnitedHealth Group
Eric Kobrin 2003 Director of Adversarial Resilience at Akamai Technologies
Iouri Chadrine 2003 Senior Information Security Analyst at Citigroup
Jose Gonzalez 2003 Senior Product Manager - Mobile at VEVO
Jose Merilien 2003 IT-Application Operations at AutoNation
Yaneli Fernandez Sosa 2013 Software Engineer at FirstService Residential Florida
Yoel Nunez 2014 Software Engineer - MobileFirst Platform Customer Oriented Research & Development (CORD) at IBM
Yordan Alvarez 2015 System Analyst at World Fuel Services
Robert Law 2015 Software Development Engineer in Test at Revature
Roberto Isaac 2012 Software Developer at Emphasys Software
Rodney Sanchez 2015 Web Developer/Programmer at Costa Farms, LLC
Rogelio Alonso 2015 Software Programmer at FedEx Express
Roger Castillo 2012 Field testing specalist at RIM | BlackBerry
Ryan Del Rosario 2015 Co Founder at Missing Brick Studios
Salma Rodriguez 2012 Software Engineer at IBM
Santiago Pintos 2013 Software Developer at GoToItSolutions
Santiago Fuertes 2013 EDI Encounters Data Development at Beacon Health Options
Sebastian Zanlongo 2013 DOE Fellow, Department of Energy Student Research Assistant, Computer Science at Florida International University: Applied Research Center
Shadeh Ferris-Francis 2016 Software Engineering Intern in Systems Engineering at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Steve Noel 2015 Software Developer at Florida International University: Applied Research Center
Steven Berlanga 2013 Software Developer at Ultimate Software
Steven Sanabria 2014 IT Specialist at U.S. Census Bureau
Valeria Lopez 2015 Software Engineer at IBM
Wayne Curling 2016 Contract Software Engineer Asc at Lockheed Martin
Will Rodriguez 2015 Software Test Engineer at Ultimate Software
William Marquez 2014 Application Developer II at Florida International University
Willy G Gomez 2015 System Analyst / Programmer II at 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida
Yamel Peraza 2015 Database Developer at Bayview Asset Management, LLC
Matthew Santiago 2015 Programmer, Intermediate at University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
Maurice Pruna 2014 System Analyst at State Farm
Maylem Gonzalez 2014 Jr. Data Scientist at Morelity
Michael Weschler 2013 Associate Software Engineer, UI at Blizzard Entertainment
Michael Montaque 2013 Associate Software Developer at SapientNitro
Michael Machin 2015 Project Member of Collaborative Platform at Florida International University
Michael Garcia 2013 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Miguel Conde 2016 Software Engineer I at Emerson
Musa Ahmed 2014 OpenStack Cloud Staff Software Engineer at IBM
Nelson Capote 2013 Interfaces Manager at Trax USA Corp
Pedro Montero 2015 Software Testing Engineer at Ultimate Software
Peter Reidy 2015 Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Rachelle Tobkes 2016 Software Engineer at Citrix
Raul Garay 2015 Programmer Analyst at NextEra Energy, Inc.
Rene Alfonso 2015 Software Engineer Contractor at Florida International University
Reyneiro Hernandez 2012 Founder, Software Engineer at Yodel Messenger
Ricardo Dominguez 2015 Freelance Web/Software Developer at Freelance Software Developer
Ricardo J. Martinez 2014 Software Engineer at Entic LLC
Richard Lopez 2015 Software Engineer at Neogen Corporation
Justin Korah 2013 Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Karina Harfouche Abraham 2014 Software Engineer Asc at Lockheed Martin
Keiser Moya 2013 Business Intelligence Team Lead at Health Choice Network
Kenneth Kon 2015 Software Developer at Emphasys Software
Lazaro Herrera 2014 Senior Software Engineer / CTO at
Leandro Calderin 2014 Java Engineer at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
Lewis Liu 2014 Software Engineer at Harris Corporation GCS
Linnet Fernandez 2013 Software Engineer at TradeStation
Lorenzo Castillo 2014 Software Engineer at Amazon
Lorenzo Alexis Sanchez 2014 Software Developer at 71 lbs - Free, Fast & Automatic Shipping Refunds
Luis Irizarry 2013 Technical Solutions Engineer at Criteo / Founder at
Luis Castillo 2015 iOS Mobile Software Engineer at Attain
Luis Miguel Carrillo 2015 Software Engineer at MiBodega
Mandiel Lastra 2015 Information Security Analyst at Florida Power & Light
Marc-Antoine Roger 2015 Software Engineer at Motorola Solutions
Maria Presa Reyes 2015 Graduate Research Assistant at Florida International University
Maria Eugenia Belottini 2013 IVR - CTI Automation Manager at TracFone Wireless
Marlon Cardero 2015 Software Engineer at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
Matthew Saunders 2015 Software Engineer at Microsoft
Jimmy Mauri 2013 Associate Software Engineer at Emerson Network Power
Joel Ortiz 2012 EDI Development Services Program Manager at Beacon Health Options
Johann Henao 2016 Test Engineer at Amadeus IT Group
Jonathan Lozano 2013 Software Developer & Integrator at USAA
Jonathan Santiago 2014 Systems Integration Engineer at CareCloud
Jonathan Sanchez 2014 Embedded Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin
Jorge Travieso 2015 R&D Engineer at IPsoft
Jorge Perez 2016 Backend Developer at
Jorge Cabrera 2012 Research Assistant at FIU VISA Research Lab
Jorge Fernandez 2013 Software Engineer at accesso
Jose Astudillo 2014 Software Developer I at Emphasys Software
Jose A. Camino 2013 Software Engineer at CreativeDrive
Joseph Gonzalez 2015 Software Developer I at Emphasys Software
Juan Ria–o 2015 Systems Administrator at Interactive Data Intelligence
Juan Gonzalez-Llanos 2014 Front End / Back End Web Developer at Goverlan, Inc
Juan Machado 2015 Programmer at Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Juan Carlos Correa 2015 Software Engineer at FIS
Julian Nodarse 2013 Associate Technology at SapientNitro
Julio Reyes 2012 Senior Andriod Software Engineer at Phunware, Inc.
Justin Rodriguez 2013 Embedded Software Engineer at Randstad Technologies US
Ernesto Perez 2013 System Analyst at World Fuel Services
Fernando Dos Santos 2014 Software Engineer at Royal Caribbean International
Filip Panovski 2015 Software Developer at Vectron Systems AG
Francisco J. Peleato 2013 Developer - CRM Selling Systems at Office Depot
Francois D'Ugard 2015 Software Engineer at IBM
Frank Hernandez 2015 Senior Software Engineer at Citrix
Frank Vincench 2015 Software Developer at Emphasys Software
Gabrielle Moestar 2012 Business Analyst at Cross Country Home Services
Gregory Jean-Baptiste 2013 Graduate Intern at VMWare
Guido Ruiz 2014 Research Assistant at Florida International University
Henry D Muniz Romero 2014 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Humberto Suarez 2013 IOS Developer at Powa Technologies
Jacek Kopczynski 2015 Software Engineer at Mindtree
Jason Clary 2012 Sr. Software Engineer - iOS at BluVision, Inc.
Javier Carmona 2014 Software Engineer / Co-Founder at Addigy Technology
Jeffrey Carman 2015 Junior Developer at Data on Acid, LLC
Jerry Flores 2014 IT Core Developer (Intergate) at TracFone Wireless
Jesse Domack 2013 Systems Analyst at State Farm
Carlos Fernandez 2013 Programmer at Perry Ellis International
Christopher Kerrutt 2014 Software Engineer Asc at Lockheed Martin
Crystal Rivera 2015 Tech Star at Ultimate Software
Dalaidis Hidalgo 2015 Software Developer at Mi9 Retail
Daniel Florez 2013 SQA Engineer at Arbor Networks
Daniel Gonzalez 2015 Associate Software Developer at iPipeline
Darie Dorlus 2013 Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at SynchronizeD Technologies
David Baez 2015 iOS Developer at Televisa
David Vizcaino 2015 Software Development Engineer at Amazon
David Romero 2015 Associate Software Engineer at IBM
Dayan Yamin 2015 Software Engineer at Audionamix
Dennys Orozco 2015 Software Test Engineer at Ultimate Software
Diego Perez 2013 Software Developer at ReservHotel
Elias Eskenazi 2014 System Analyst at Midacom Corp.
Emmanuel Infante 2014 Systems Engineer at Ultimate Software
Enio Pena Navarro 2014 Process Programmer at Titan America
Enmanuel Corvo 2013 Lead Application Engineer at LiveAnswer, Inc.
Eric Weiterman 2014 Software Engineer at IBM
Erico Oyarzun 2015 Jr. Java Developer R&D at Jagged Peak
Erik Edrosa 2014 Junior Developer at Farelogix
Adam Merille 2015 Web Developer at BrightGauge Software
Alfonso Boza 2012 Senior Software Engineer at Citrix
Alfredo Zellek 2015 Software Engineering Intern at Ultimate Software
Anais Hernandez 2015 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Andres Gonzalez Telo 2013 Software Engineer at ASAPP, Inc
Andres Ruggiero 2015 Business Intelligence Developer at Florida International University
Andres Acosta 2013 Software Engineer at Kronos
Andres Villa 2016 Java Developer at IBM Watson
Anthony Gonzalez 2013 Engineer at American Express
Antonio Diaz 2013 Software Engineer at Apple
Antonio Vazquez 2013 Application Developer at Global Knowledge Link
Aqib Shah 2015 Software Engineer at Moocho
Ariel Diaz 2015 Software Engineer at Ultimate Software
Artiom Tiurin 2015 JDA Support/Developer at KLX Aerospace Solutions
Asaad Ziodeen 2013 Associate MAX Engineer at TracFone Wireless
Brian Lara 2013 IT Analyst at World Fuel Services
Bryan Jimenez 2013 Programmer at University of Miami
Camilo Sanchez 2013 Software Engineer at Independent Purchasing Cooperative
Carlos Ruiz 2015 Front End Developer at BOXYCHARM
Jairo Quintana 2008 Associate at Deutsche Bank